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Main Project of the Academy WELL - Best of the best    

Peninsula University

Education Center

Eureka School

First Name Last Name Degree Number
Chingiz Aitmatov  Professor PIT-P-0045
Sergey Ambarsumyan Professor PIT-P-0003
Michael Bakhmutsky Professor PIT-P-0010
Merylin Bakhmutsky Professor PIT-P-0077
Michael Baryshnikov Professor PIT-P-0017
Asen I. Bogdanov Professor PIT-P-0050
Boyko A. Bogdanov  Professor PIT-P-0051
Evgenia Bogdanova Professor PIT-P-0048
Angela Braginsky Professor PIT-P-0075
Marina Bukhina Professor PIT-P-0074
Yuri  Bychkov Professor PIT-P-0004
Rainer w.  Dietrich Professor PIT-P-0025
Violetka Dimieva Professor PIT-P-0083
Sergey Dubrov Professor PIT-P-0079
Bekkhan Evloev Professor PIT-P-0029
Vakha Evloev   Professor PIT-P-0028
Eduard Evreinov Professor PIT-P-0072
Lev Feldman Professor PIT-P-0040
Romouald Fessenko Professor PIT-P-0036
Vyacheslav  Fetisov Professor PIT-P-0064
Leonid Finkel Professor PIT-P-0085
Dmitry  GegelIa Professor PIT-P-0030
Leonid Golovnia Professor PIT-P-0015
Vladimir Gordienko Professor PIT-P-0055
Maria  Guerra-Gomez Professor PIT-P-0009
Laura Kameneva Professor PIT-P-0068
Alexander Kapustkin Professor PIT-P-0059
Islam Karimov Professor PIT-P-0001
Anatoly Khlopecky  Professor PIT-P-0063
Ioan Khoral Professor PIT-P-0033
Semyon Komissar Professor PIT-P-0016
Vlad Kopysov Professor PIT-P-0005
Gregory  Kroshner Professor PIT-P-0053
Daniel  Kurdalchuk Professor PIT-P-0065
George Kvesitadze Professor PIT-P-0002
Ilya Levkov Professor PIT-P-0020
Vladimir Libin  Professor PIT-P-0041
Vladislav A.  Likharev Professor PIT-P-0043
Sergey Massesov Professor PIT-P-0080
Vladimir Mazepa Professor PIT-P-0071
Tayiana Melnichenko Professor PIT-P-0073
Azary Messerer Professor PIT-P-0019
Igor Mineev Professor PIT-P-0021
Victor  I. Mosin  Professor PIT-P-0046
Natalia  Neff  Professor PIT-P-0056
Ernst Neizvestny Professor PIT-P-0018
Konstantin Orbelian Professor PIT-P-0007
Nikoly Pavlov Professor PIT-P-0067
Eugene Penkovsky  Professor PIT-P-0057
Mykola Petryk  Professor PIT-P-0062
Vladimir Poponin Professor PIT-P-0037
Tamara Press Professor PIT-P-0058
Oleg Ratnovsky Professor PIT-P-0006
Leonid Reznikov  Professor PIT-P-0056
Alexander  Rudakov  Professor PIT-P-0061
Andreas Schoberwalter Professor PIT-P-0081
Nikolay Semovskikh Professor PIT-P-0062
George Shchurevich Professor PIT-P-0012
Gennady Shibaev  Professor PIT-P-0060
Anatoly Shipovsky Professor PIT-P-0034
Klaus F. Sieber  Professor PIT-P-0052
Chris Steen-Olsen Professor PIT-P-0076
Alexander Storojuk Professor PIT-P-0066
Yury Sveshnikov Professor PIT-P-0008
Sam Teytelbaum Professor PIT-P-0011
Semen  E. Tiokhine Professor PIT-P-0042
Paul Toubin  Professor PIT-P-0032
Jose Trenas Professor PIT-P-0014
Denis Ushakov Professor PIT-P-0078
Igor Volfovskiy  Professor PIT-P-0035
Gennady Volfovskiy  Professor PIT-P-0084
Arcady Volsky Professor PIT-P-0023
Victor Yanukovich Professor PIT-P-0070
Oleg Yshkov Professor PIT-P-0026
Olga  Yshkova Professor PIT-P-0027
Leonid Zaretsky  Professor PIT-P-0038
Galina Zeltova  Professor PIT-P-0039
Alexander Zininberg Professor PIT-P-0082
Vladimir  P.  Zlokazov Professor PIT-P-0044
Rainer W.  Dietrich  Dr. H.C.  PIT-D-0001
Vakha Evloev  Dr. H.C.  PIT-D-0023
Alexander Gomelsky   Dr. H.C.  PIT-D-0032
Vladimir Gordienko   Dr. H.C.  PIT-D-0010
Vladimir Govorov   Dr. H.C.  PIT-D-0026
Anatoly Hlopecky  Dr. H.C.  PIT-D-0045
Alexander Kapustkin  Dr. H.C.  PIT-D-0015
Jivko G.  Kerezov    Dr. H.C.  PIT-D-0021
Lev Kofman   Dr. H.C.  PIT-D-0029
Vladimir Kopysov   Dr. H.C.  PIT-D-0012
Vladimir  Koval   Dr. H.C.  PIT-D-0027
Gregory Kroshner  Dr. H.C.  PIT-D-0038
Victor  Kulikov   Dr. H.C.  PIT-D-0025
Boris Lagutin   Dr. H.C.  PIT-D-0031
Edmund Lipinsky   Dr. H.C.  PIT-D-0030
Gregory Lucenko   Dr. H.C.  PIT-D-0028
Sergei M. Makarov   Dr. H.C.  PIT-D-0022
Michael Mimiashvili   Dr. H.C.  PIT-D-0033
Chock Noris  Dr. H.C.  PIT-D-0004
Eugene Penkovsky   Dr. H.C.  PIT-D-0020
Vasily Perchik   Dr. H.C.  PIT-D-0019
 Leonid  Polyakov, PhD  Dr. H.C.  PIT-D-0002
Eigminas Pranciskus  Dr. H.C.  PIT-D-0044
Tamara Press  Dr. H.C.  PIT-D-0014
Alexander Rafaelian  Dr. H.C.  PIT-D-0042
Michael Reznikov  Dr. H.C.  PIT-D-0039
Leonid Reznikov    Dr. H.C.  PIT-D-0011
Yekaterina  Rodyushkina  Dr. H.C.  PIT-D-0018
Tamara Romanova   Dr. H.C.  PIT-D-0017
Alexandr  Rudakov  Dr. H.C.  PIT-D-0009
Valery Shchegolev     Dr. H.C.  PIT-D-0008
Gennady Shibaev   Dr. H.C.  PIT-D-0016
Victor Shikerin  Dr. H.C.  PIT-D-0024
Vladimir Silin   Dr. H.C.  PIT-D-0006
Vitaly Smirnov   Dr. H.C.  PIT-D-0035
Yanka Krumova Takeva   Dr. H.C.  PIT-D-0342
Michael R. S. Teilmann   Dr. H.C.  PIT-D-0005
Sam  Teytelbaum  Dr. H.C.  PIT-D-0003
Michael Tikhomirov   Dr. H.C.  PIT-D-0037
Leonid  V. Tyagachev   Dr. H.C.  PIT-D-0034
Yuri  Zuev  Dr. H.C.  PIT-D-0040
Victor Chirkin  Dr. O.K..  PIT-D-0036
Michael Bakhmutsky Ph.D. PIT-D-0036
Irine Estrin Ph.D. PIT-D-459440
Eduard Evreinov Ph.D. PIT-D-0056
Iliya Iliev Ph.D. PIT-D-0338
Samson Pkhakadze Ph.D.
Alexander  Savin Ph.D. PIT-D-0046
Valentina Shaposhnikova  Ph.D. PIT-D-0041
Victor  Shchankin  Ph.D. PIT-D-0042
Anatoly Shipovsky Ph.D. PIT-D-0007
Tsanko Vasilev   Tsonkov   Ph.D. PIT-D-0333
Teodora Uzunova   Ph.D. PIT-D-0332
Arkady  Volsky Ph.D. PIT-D-0023
Lyudmila       Krilova      Associate PIT-A-787769 
Ilya Berezin Associate of Art PIT-A-0326
Irina Butkova Bachelor of Science PIT-B-0325
Irina Butkova Bachelor of Science PIT-B-0325
Syuzanna Gabulyan  Bachelor of Science PIT-B-0327
Syuzanna Gabulyan  Bachelor of Science PIT-B-0327
Evdokia Lesovets Bachelor of Science PIT-B-0322
Evdokia Lesovets Bachelor of Science PIT-B-0322
Olga Melekhova Bachelor of Science PIT-B-0328
Olga Melekhova Bachelor of Science PIT-B-0328
Vitaly Penkin Bachelor of Science PIT-B-0324
Vitaly Penkin Bachelor of Science PIT-B-0324
Dobrina  Petrova  Bachelor of Science PIT-B-0331
Dobrina  Petrova  Bachelor of Science PIT-B-0331
Nina A. Voropaeva  Bachelor of Science PIT-B-0672
Vitaly  Kuzin  Bachelor of Science  PIT-B-0325
Vitaly  Kuzin  Bachelor of Science  PIT-B-0325
Irina Birman Bachelor of Science             PIT-B-006457 
Elena Evlashina Bachelor of Science             PIT-B-0321
Elena Evlashina Bachelor of Science             PIT-B-0321
Lyudmila Makarova Certificate of Complition PIT-S
Violetka Dimieva Grand Ph.D. PIT-D-0339
Olena   Bogush  Master Business Administration PIT-M-0330
Vladimir  Falkovsky  Master Business Administration PIT-M-0329
Ruslan Polovets Master Business Administration PIT-M-0334
Alexander Ostrenko Master of Business Administration PIT-M-0340
Aram   Abgaryan  Master of Science PIT-M-0339
Ani Ivanova    Bogdanova   Master of Science PIT-M-0338
Robert.  Kaubek  Master of Science PIT-M-0337
Adriana   Saparevska Master of Science PIT-M-0329
Adriana   Saparevsky Master of Science PIT-M-0336
Natalya  Shipulina                                                 Master of Science PIT-M-345833
Mary  Bahkmutsky  Student
Ilya  Beylin   Student
Ivan  Borzinets Student
Venya  Bruk  Student
Daniel Cherkassky Student
Tanya  Dorofeeva Student
Simon Ermakov Student
Vladimir Ermakov Student
Ira Gorodyansky Student
Victor Kassil Student
Melena Kaufman Student
Daniel Khurgin Student
Andy  Knyazek  Student
Alexander  Kogan Student
Darina Kogan Student
Ilya    Layshevsky   Student
Ilya     Layshevsky      Student
Andy Macharet Student
Victor  Malchikov  Student
Mixaela Marinova Student n/a
Vera Mkrtchian Student
Ilya  Movshovich Student
Ilya  Movshovich  Student
Yekaterina    Myslovaty Student
Svetlana Nilova Student
Ilya Perlov Student
Anastasia (Asya) Petrova Student
Leo Polovets Student
Alex Rozinov Student
Stella Sergeeva Student
Nodari Silagadze Student n/a
Iveta Todorova Student n/a
Dima Yegoshin Student
Rina  Zolotusky Student
Liza     Zolotusky    Student
Nina Gracheva Student
Tamara Ivanova(Chernecova) Student
Alexandra Kerness Training  PIT-S
Alla Perelman Training  PIT-S
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